28 September 2009

A New Week

Last week I ran more than I ever have in my life: 80 miles. Not a brag, but a surprise for me. My biggest week for training was to be 68 miles. I never had 80 in mind, but "it felt good so I kept going". And the stiffness is minimal, and only one painless blister-on-a-blister on my middle left toe. I think I'm losing the same toenail on that foot again, too. I hope it's gone by the time I get to Duluth or by the time the 50 miler at Murphy arrives.
This week, I will run to/from work again on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is the last official long run in my training cycle. 34 miles at Murphy if all goes well. I'll do 2 of the 25K loops and another 3 miles. I'll arrive at Wild Duluth on 10-17 having exceeded a 50K. But the elevation on the SHT will be the kicker for me as I've never quite ran the 5000 ft. of gain I will see up there. 2 weeks ago I ran a little over 3000 at Murphy, approximately. Hopefully that counts for something. It is what it is.

Oh...and I turn 41 on September 29th.

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