03 October 2009

More Sweat, Less Blood

Well tomorrow I am going to Murphy for my first unofficial 50K. Two Surf the Murph 15.6 mile race loops. My stretch goal for the day would be to add on, at a very casual pace, the 3 mile hilly section. This is all assuming everything goes "as planned". I look forward to the challenge and being "done" with long runs of this duration for this cycle. After this run I will go to a taper schedule as well as a 3-4 day lifting and stretching (yoga) schedule. I look forward to more weight training and stretching, as things have gotten tighter and it will feel like heaven.

I'm not sure if I've trained beyond what is required to be ready for my 1st short course and 1st 50 miler. I've just done what felt right while staying healthy, and I only backed off on or modified my plans when it started to take a toll. I was flexible but persistant. I have always believed in preparation and challenging myself to just this side of failure. Training should mean effort.

I strongly believe in the philosophy of "Sweat more in peace, bleed less in war" (Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit) and I never started this "mission" expecting to fail. I know I CAN fail, for a number of obvious reasons, but I've done my best to mitigate the risks I could anticipate. I'm confident now that I am CAPABLE of meeting my first Ultra goals.

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