26 September 2009

A good day

I ignored all the gates at Murphy and set out to run one full 15.6 mile loop of the Surf the Murph race. I wanted to know what was in store and I also didn't want to get stuck on the smaller hilly loop closer to the race start. Not that 5 hours and 40 minutes on that section last week didn't help, but I wanted to recon the full course, to set my mind at ease. I looked like a jackass with my highlighted map(in a ziploc bag), holding it up to every posted park map to verify I was where I was supposed to be. I did get off track once and it cost me several minutes. I also took to the time to talk to a local walker for about 10-12 minutes. He didn't even know there were ever races held in that park.
So, between the time spent map leering, talking and getting lost I estimated about 30 minutes "lost" time on the course, not including 15 minutes spent eating/drinking plus changing my socks at my truck. Thank god I stuck to my plan of getting out to Murphy. Being on the course boosted my confidence and so did running nearly 50K. The one full 15.6 mile race loop and a smaller 12.4 mile loop and I got in 28 miles. The longest I've ever ran. I wish I'd had more time.

Had I known where I was going and stayed on task I'm certain I could have done a full 50K. I'm POSITIVE. I felt pretty damned good, and I was feeling very positive about my odds on Halloween. Next week, if time permits, I'm running the 50K plus the 3 mile section reserved for the 50 milers. If I do that I'll come back on Halloween with all the confidence I need on that 50 mile course, plus a 50K at Wild Duluth under my belt. I can do it and I'm actually starting to believe that now.

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