25 September 2009

Murphy, etc.

I'm getting up at dark-thirty to head to Murphy Saturday. There is a chance of rain until around 7 a.m., I want to be there by 5. My training schedule has me pegged for seven hours and I will do my best. I want to run one full Surf the Murph 15.6 mile race loop and then I'll spend the remainder of my time on the harder 3 mile hilly loop, closer to the starting line and my truck. I'm ignoring miles and the only time factor I care about is the 7 hours. I'm not running in my Vasque trail shoes as I suspect they are not protecting me from blisters very well. It's only a hypothesis. Instead I will bring 2 pairs of Pearl Izumis and extra pairs of socks and my Glide. Oh...and a blister kit. I'm amazed at how much gear and how many supplies are required to get me through a day on the trail.
Yesterdays run home from work was only 4 minutes slower than the morning's run in. My heart rate is considerably higher on the way home. I suppose its the heat mainly and the fact that I've already ran once and then spent a full day at work. I feel pretty good so I will try my new commute again next week.
I'm already thinking beyond my first races this October. I'll know so much more after Murphy and will be able to build a far more specific strategy for next years goals....

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