24 September 2009

Another Commute

Ran in to work again this a.m. Almost 20 minutes faster than Tuesday's run to work with the 14 pound daypack on. I saw an Owl, several deer, and a boatload of rabbits. Those things are quite abundant this year. No people. On the way home Tuesday I was moving faster than the cars on 169 at one point. I think I like my new commute.
I'll be going to Murphy for my long run this weekend. I'll bypass another gate to get to the flatter southern half. Spending all day on the hills is good practice but I really want to visualize the full course I'll run on Halloween. I wonder if I'll choose the 50 miler or opt for the 50K. Again, I'll decide after Wild Duluth and it will help seeing more of the Murphy course, too. Whatever my decision, I hope I don't regret it. What I mean is I might not get another chance at a 50 miler until spring 2010, and I don't want to be burdened with the thought of thinking I COULD have done it. I just "don't know what I don't know" is what it amounts to. Way more doubts than answers right now. However these races shake out, I'll have a ton more first-hand information to use for my next goals. I can apply what I learn for a smarter approach next time.
Recoverite, a fiber one bar, peanuts, a V8 and some granola for breakfast. For lunch two multi-grain flatbreads and a can of atlantic salmon.

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