04 January 2010

Half-Assed Update

Well I've been doing (relatively) much more training since my last post. My ankle feels fantastic. The goal this week is 6 days, about 7-8 hours of running. I have adopted a new approach to training but I don't have alot to say about it right now because I only have about a dozen workouts in using the method.
I start cross-training next week. For Christmas I received (begged for) 2 Fitness Bootcamp classes, one 10 week class and one 8 week class, every Monday and Wednesday starting on the 11th. That should get me to mid March. I chose this class because it seemed to be pretty well rounded in terms of core, balance, strength/power. I'm hoping it is more aerobic in terms of difficulty as I'm purposefully avoiding any anaerobic efforts currently. No weight lifting, etc.
oh...and I have lost 7 pounds since my last post.


  1. Yeah for ankles feeling good, plan for the next few months and weight loss!

    I will be hitting the Y soon for sunday night soccer. Hoping to survive the season injury free and with a bit more speed after 9 weeks of sprinting around a gym.

  2. Thanks Wildknits! Good to see you are getting through on Blogger finally! I have more to say about alot of my goals but...I have so little time to get on the PC lately to get it all down.