08 December 2009

Some Progress

I finally braved a workout.

I did 15 minutes each on the treadmill (fast walk/light jog), elliptical, and recumbant bike. I also did lunges, some coordination drills and some active stretching. My foot actually felt better when I was done and I'm hoping for an even better workout tomorrow. I wish I would have done this earlier. Half the truth is that I've just been lazy, and the other half is that I was afraid my foot would hurt too much or get worse. We'll see how it feels tomorrow, but have a hunch that the inactivity wasn't doing it any favors.

I'll decide before bed what tomorrow's workout will be so I start Wednesday with a plan. Despite my inactivity I've lost several pounds since Murphy. Although I've been inactive I have been fairly disciplined with eating since Halloween. Unfortunately when I weighed myself after Murphy I was heavier than I thought I would be by several (O.K., at least 8-10) pounds. About 2 months before Wild Duluth I was making progress with weight loss, but decided to quit weighing myself. That wasn't a very good idea. I do better if I weigh-in daily and write down everything I eat. I wont say yet what I weigh as I'm going to be making my 2010 training declaration soon and weight loss plays into the big picture.


  1. Yeah to the workout and the weight loss... hopefully things keep moving in the right direction!

  2. I hear you! Been there and need to get through it myself. Keep us posted. I read but do not comment often, but like to know how it is going. Hope someday to see you on the trail, post pains...

  3. So, seems like it is time for an update on how the training is going...

    oh yeah, blogger seems to like me tonight and is letting me post comments! ;->

  4. You're right Lisa! I will update this weekend sometime with recent training activity and hopefully I'll have made up my mind as to my 2010 goals as well.

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