09 November 2009

Nothing in Particular

I haven't had time for the Surf the Murph race report. Work has been insane and I'm so busy when I'm not at work catching up on to-dos at home that it's hard to find time. I did go see my Orthopaedic doctor today. The pain I experienced in my left leg during WD and Murphy was my IT. I'm ACL defecient in the left leg, having torn it about 3 years ago in a game of touch football. I've never had a problem with the IT before and the consensus is that it was overworked. No harm done. I'll have to focus on making it stronger and just keep doind what I'm doing once I'm fully healed....training for Ultras. In addition to strength exercises, the doc also suggests I use my foam roller. It seems like the only thing I don't use the foam roller for now is headaches and indigestion.
I'm definitely not ready for reconstructive surgery. When surgery DOES happen I'm most likely going with the allograft (cadaver). Given my age and impatience I think it is the best choice for quick recovery. I just want to run in a relatively straight line. Nothing fancy.
I'll try to get that race report done this week and I'll also be sharing at least the rough draft of my training plan and goals for 2010 in the next 2-3 weeks. I didn't realize how often new pains would pop up after my first couple races. It seems like everything is taking it's turn hurting lately.

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